Why You Need To Know About Your Skin’s Biofilm

Your skin has the most complex biofilm of any surface on your body. It’s not about eliminating the biofilm, but keeping it clean and balancing it.



Why CelleRx® Clinical Reset?

Developed to aid your skin in its natural healing process by neutralizing bacteria and microorganisms, CelleRx®'s Clinical Reset hypochlorous acid disrupts and penetrates harmful biofilms without harming the skin itself. When your skin is healthy, the other products in your skincare routine can do their job.



What's Perioral Dermatitis and What Can Help It?

Those red, scaly bumps around your mouth — the ones that may burn, itch or make it hard to smile — are possibly perioral dermatitis. It's a chronic, inflammatory skin disease that is different from acne. Read on to learn about some causes and potential solutions, which include using CelleRx® Clinical Reset.