CelleRx the Gentle Solution for Cosmetic Procedures

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CelleRx® is a topical solution specially designed for post-procedure use to gently cleanse skin.

For management of minor skin abrasions, lacerations, irritations and cuts, including intact skin of the face.

CelleRx may be used after ablative and non-ablative laser procedures, rejuvenation peels, dermabrasions, augmentations, lifts, surface wounds, as well as other invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

CelleRx is a non-antibiotic, non-alcohol formulation which doesn’t stain or dry the skin when applied. CelleRx is also non-irritating and is soothing to the skin. A spray applicator is included that is convenient to use in both clinic and home settings.

1. Remove original cap from bottle.
2. Insert pump sprayer into CelleRx bottle and screw sprayer down securely.
3. Hold upright to spray CelleRx onto skin.
4. Apply CelleRx as needed/as instructed by your doctor.

Non-toxic, non-sensitizing, and non-irritating to the skin and eyes. Non-flammable. No special handling precautions required. Please recycle bottle.

Pure hypochlorous acid, 0.01% as a preservative in saline.

CelleRx meets the anti-microbial preservative acceptance criteria (USP) for P. aeruginosa, E. coli, S. aureus, C. albicans and A. brasiliensis. Reductions in microbial viability in solution have not been correlated with performance on the surface of skin.

Keep CelleRx in its original container. Do not freeze. Glass bottle may break if frozen. Store at room temperature (64 - 86 °F). Once opened, discard unused solution after 28 days.

For external use only. Do not use for infusion or injection. Do not swallow. Use only undamaged bottles. If you experience redness, swelling, irritation or pain, discontinue use and contact your doctor. Take care that the sprayer does not make contact with the skin. In case of sensitivities to chlorine, please exercise caution and consult with your doctor prior to use. Do not use if solution is yellow, brown or not clear. Do not use expired product.

CelleRx is supplied in a 1.35 oz (40ml) bottle, with a spray applicator.

US Patent # 6,426,066 | US Patent # 7,393,522