Why CelleRx® Clinical Reset?

Healthy skin starts with clean skin. CelleRx® Clinical Reset is prescription-grade skincare that is proven effective in penetrating biofilm and removing bacteria.

Your skin is exposed to daily traumas and acts as a barrier to protect you. Pollution, sun exposure, microorganisms and bad bacteria are just a few examples of the irritants your skin shields you from every day. As your body’s largest organ, some the skin’s main functions are to protect you, prevent moisture loss, release small amounts of minerals and regulate your body temperature. Skin sweats, regenerates, sheds and heals itself, just like any other organ. Unlike most or your organs, your skin is constantly exposed to the outside world. Since the skin on your face is consistently exposed, it has the most complications, becomes out of balance, and responds by constantly neutralizing and balancing out these skin aggressors.   

One way skin becomes out of balance is when microorganisms start banding together creating colonies of bacteria which form a film. This is called biofilm. While biofilm is a natural part of your skin, left unattended biofilms can cause numerous skin conditions including acne, dermatitis and a more recent development: irritation and breakouts from wearing face masks or “maskne”. Even something as simple as humidity or heat can proliferate these microorganisms on your skin’s surface, significantly impacting and interfering with its natural healing process.

Developed to aid your skin in its natural healing process by neutralizing bacteria and microorganisms, CelleRx's Clinical Reset disrupts and penetrates harmful biofilms without harming the skin itself. Originally developed for dermatologists and plastics surgeons for procedures such as microneedling, fraxel, face lifts and other traumas and wounds to the face, CelleRx's Clinical Reset is the only FDA-cleared, pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl) solution that is designed to calm and reset your skin. HOCl is the same molecule your white blood cells naturally produce to fight off infection inside your body. We’ve brought that natural process to the surface of your skin.

CelleRx Clinical Reset was launched to bring you prescription-grade skincare that helps minimize skin aggressors, such as bacteria, fungi and pollution, which can lead to inflammation, irritation and breakouts. Clinical Reset removes bacteria, calming your skin to help it heal and reset. For optimum results, we recommend using it after or in place of your morning cleanser, throughout the day over your makeup and sunscreen, and at night after your evening cleanser.