Why You Need To Know About Your Skin’s Biofilm


There are a lot of myths in skincare, but the most dangerous is the idea that you need to scrub, repetitively wash, and use harsh ingredients to have healthy, glowing skin. Increasingly, what researchers are realizing is the balance of oil and lipids in your skin is one of the most important things to maintain to keep your skin happy. In this balance is a more recent discovery in skincare: your biofilm. 

Biofilms are present on surfaces of the human body that can come into contact with the outside world. Your teeth, mucosa, and skin; this biofilm is a mix of good and bad bacteria, fungi and yeast. You’re already familiar with a particular biofilm that you remove at least twice a day: plaque on your teeth. 

While people tend to think of bacteria existing as individual organisms, microorganisms naturally accumulate on surfaces and create communities. Your skin has the most complex biofilm of any surface on your body. It’s not about eliminating the biofilm, but balancing it. 

As you go throughout your day your skin does a lot to protect you. It sweats, defends itself from different pollutants and harmful microorganisms, with all these assailants your biofilm requires a reset. In the past few decades, increasing research has shown that imbalances in your biofilm can lead to:

  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Sensitive skin
  • Dermatitis  
  • Persistent Inflammation
  • Premature Aging due to Inflammation

While the biofilm of your teeth can be reset with a good scrubbing, your skin isn’t as simple. Your skin’s biofilm is composed of sebum, eccrine and apocrine secretions, environmental dirt, cosmetics, skin care products, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. The key to strong and healthy skin is ensuring your biofilm has more helpful actors than harmful ones. 

Traditionally, consumers have been told that a healthy skincare routine requires overcleansing to avoid skin imbalances. However, that tight feeling you have after washing your face is an indicator of your skin being stripped of its biofilm, which also removes the critical layer of lipids in your skin that keep it healthy, plump and hydrated. Scrubbing, using foaming cleansers and over-washing your face can damage, age and irritate skin. Traditional cleansing, while it can reduce the biofilm for a short period of time, can strip the skin, leading to irritation. 

While cleansing, toning and essences can strip the skin, CelleRx® Clinical Reset is formulated to minimize and remove skin aggressors keeping biofilm in balance. This revolutionary product heals and soothes irritated skin. It’s also clinically proven to eradicate bacteria and pollutants that cause inflammation and breakouts, yet gentle enough to work on all skin types. 

The most effective way to use Clinical Reset hypochlorous acid is to replace your morning cleanser with a fews spritzes in the morning, continue to use it throughout the day on top of sunscreen and/or makeup, and again at night after removing makeup and cleansing skin. 

Here are 3 unique ways that CelleRx® Clinical Reset can help balance your biofilm: 

  • It removes a broad spectrum of foreign bacteria and harmful microorganisms found on skin allowing a clean slate for good bacteria;
  • Its potent anti-biofilm activity helps speed healing and minimizes irritation;
  • It is safe and gentle to underlying tissue, cleansing the skin without irritation.