Restore Your Skin’s Natural Balance

Free every pore and let your skin breathe again! Originally formulated to reduce healing time post-cosmetic treatments, CelleRx® Clinical Reset facial mist gently cleanses and soothes with just a few spritzes. Elevate your daily skincare routine.

Purifying + Antimicrobial

With gentle, yet powerful, all-natural ingredients, it’s like a sigh of relief for your pores.

Elevate Your Skincare Routine

Apply a few spritzes every morning and evening, and spray throughout the day (even over your makeup) for a quick pick-me-up!


Helps reduce redness and accelerates healing after professional cosmetic treatments.

100% Natural

No alcohol, no fragrance and no harsh solvents—just all-natural, skin-friendly ingredients, thanks to our patented formulation process.

Gentle enough for your face,
but strong enough to remove harmful organisms

Our patented process produces pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl), the same molecule your body naturally produces as part of your immune response. Bringing this natural healing response to the skin’s surface, CelleRx Clinical Reset gently cleans and calms your skin from the traumas it faces daily.

Prescription-grade, dermatologist approved and FDA-cleared skincare that removes skin aggressors

Irritation, redness, acne and recurring skin trauma is caused by bad bacteria, harmful microorganisms and viral overload. Bringing medical grade skincare into your routine with this all-in-one spray that removes skin assailants.

Originally developed for plastic surgeons and dermatologists to gently speed recovery from post-cosmetic procedures, CelleRx patented, prescription-grade face mist fights epidermal aggressors including pollution and bacteria to soothe inflammation.

"CelleRx® Clinical Reset is now a permanent product in my skincare routine. I can’t say enough good things about this product: it stops breakouts + mask acne, reduces redness and cleared up a part of my face that has been bumpy my whole life (I didn’t even know it could be clear?!). It is just amazing. Not sponsored, just amazing! "

Nikki S.

“I’ve Been using CelleRx® Clinical Reset for only 2 weeks. I absolutely love it! My redness is gone. Usually in the winter my skin is super dry but it now feels hydrated and fresh. I also typically get hormonal acne flare ups and Clinical Reset helps them clear up and subside so quickly. Thank you! “

Zara H.

"OMG! This worked in 3 days. The acne on my chin from wearing a mask cleared up and I don’t have any new breakouts. My skin is healing so well. CelleRx® Clinical Reset is worth every penny!"

Bridget D.

My skin is so sensitive to poor air quality which always results in small red bumps on my face. I like using CelleRx® Clinical Reset as a topical solution to soothe and heal my skin irritation, instead of having to take something much more invasive.”

Sarah S.

"I love CelleRx® Clinical Reset. I've suffered a lifetime of eczema flare ups all over my face and tried everything from elimination diets to prescription creams to ointments. This is the only product that has helped and I want everyone dealing with this to know there is hope! "

Elizabeth M.

“I love this! I bought this for myself and gave it to my acne-prone son, 18. Within 3 days his face looked much less inflamed, within a week it had cleared up. His skin hasn’t been this clear since 6th grade. He’ll be taking a stash back to college with him.”

Suzanne W.

"Two weeks into using CelleRx® and the redness I’ve had since last March is clearing up. I love how clean and therapeutic it smells and I notice it making a difference with my skincare routine."

Jodi S.

"I’m obsessed with CelleRx® Clinical Reset! My acne is gone

and I can’t live without it. That’s the truth!"

Maria B.

"CelleRx® Clinical Reset really works. Less breakouts and my skin feels better."

Carmen B.

"I’ve been using CelleRx® Clinical Reset and I love, love, love it. My daughter and I both use it and both noticed a difference. It’s just so easy! Spray, let it dry and then do rest of your skin care routine."

Ayana M.

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Removes a broad spectrum of

bacteria and harmful

microorganisms found on skin

Potent solution that disrupts

biofilm (layer of bacteria buildup)

which speeds healing and

minimizes irritation

Safe to underlying tissue

without causing irritation

Bottling your immune system’s greatest response, hypochlorous acid

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is the same molecule your white blood cells naturally produce to fight off harmful microorganisms in your body. Our pure and effective solution brings this molecule to the surface of your skin.

Removing bacteria quickly with no harsh astringents or solvents, Clinical Reset is unique in that it is incredibly gentle and safe on underlying skin and tissues. Clinical Reset fights irritation, redness, inflammation and recurring skin trauma caused by skin assailants like everyday pollution, bacteria and viruses.