Bacteria is everywhere—but washing your face more than once a day can damage
the skin’s natural moisture barrier. We created a solution.


Dermatologist Formulated

Alcohol, Bleach, and Irritant-Free

Vegan Certified

Moisture barrier = the outermost layer of the skin that locks in water and moisture, and defends against bacteria and environmental debris from penetrating through and causing sensitive reactions. Washing your face too frequently breaks your moisture barrier, and leaves your skin vulnerable to dryness and irritants.

Moisture barrier


Gyms can harbor up to 362 times more bacteria than public toilets
HOCl kills bacteria more effectively than betadine, yet is found naturally in the body, produced by your white blood cells.
Clean your face and skin safely and regularly with CelleRx to avoid common gym bacteria without damaging your skin.


FDA-cleared, delivered.
Regulations, safety, and efficacy testing are loose in the beauty industry. We are FDA-cleared with the only bleach-free Hypochlorous Acid, guaranteed to be medical grade—delivered straight to your door.